"MASON"(美升贸易) Jewelry Sample Sale! (Dec 9th - 13th)

Finally, you get ready "MASON"(美升贸易(深圳)有限公司) insane 4-day Jewelry Sample Sale from December 9th to 12th! 13th (Extended for one more day!)

Earrings for mom? A ring for your love? Or a beautiful necklace for yourself cause you worked hard and you gotta treat yourself? Anything you can imagine and so much more, starting from only 10 RMB!

Want to know more?


The official webpage is:

The location will be at Sail Plaza building on the 8th floor nearby Nanhai Da Dao.

MASON 海翔广场 サンプルセール

Sail Plaza

FYI, the entrance looks like this.

MASON 海翔广场 サンプルセール

Sail Plaza entrance

floor 1st lobby

Use elevator. Go to the 8th floor.

Room No is "812".

MASON 海翔广场 サンプルセール


And there you are! Come in and go crazy!

MASON 海翔广场 サンプルセール



MASON 海翔广场 サンプルセール


What is this products?

So many staff are setting up for sale event now!


Earrings [10 RMB-]

Beautiful earring designs for as little as 10 to 100 RMB only.


Necklaces [50 RMB-]

How about delicate silver necklaces for around 50 RMB?

Brooches [25 RMB-]

Brooches for only 25 to 70 RMB.


Rings [20 RMB-]

Lovely rings starting from 20 RMB.

Bracelet [20 RMB-]

And so much more!

Treat yourself (or your friends and family) to some high-quality jewelry without spending a fortune. Because we think you deserve it.

Don't miss out on MASON's exclusive jewelry collections and get inspired by beauty!

More discount!

Spend 500 RMB, save 50 RMB!

MASON 海翔广场 サンプルセール

More discount!

Location Map

MASON  美升贸易(深圳)有限公司
Address:Room 812, Sail Plaza, 1052 Nanhai Blvd, Shekou, Shenzhen / 深圳市蛇口南山大道1052号 海翔广场812室
Tel: 0755-2689-8835 / 186-3179-8852
Date: 2019/12/9-12 9:00-19:00


MASON  Location MAP

The nearest Subway station is "Shuiwan". It's just a fifteen-minute walk from the station and right in Shuiwan's sophisticated neighborhood.

We'll see you there!