High Quality Wine Seller "League of Masters" (大师汇)

We visited to best of Wine Specialty Stores in Shenzhen it is called "League of Masters" (大师汇).

You are sick and tired of lukewarm beer or Chinese baijiu? The wine selection at Walmart or AEON is just not enough for you? You are worried about the wine quality? Or you just want to enjoy your favorite Bordeaux without having to book a flight to France?

We are honored to introduce you to the one and only "League of Masters" (大师汇), Shenzhen's best place for delicious, high quality wine.

What is "League of Masters"?


"League of Masters" provides you with an amazing selection of wines through their online shop, while their office store is located close to Shenzhen Bay.

League of Masters 大师汇

League of Masters 大师汇
Basically heaven on earth. A carefully selected range of exquisite wines waiting for your taste buds!
League of Masters 大师汇
(From left to right) Priscilla, Eric (Liu Wanxing), Francois Collard, Vivian. 

Eric (刘万兴), the owner of the successful Hong Kong S.A.R. and an excellent wine connoisseur, is deeply versed in wine knowledge and its history through his travels to France, Spain, Chile, Argentina, South Africa and more.

League of Masters 大师汇
Photos of wine farms, vineyards and gourmet partners display the family's love for exquisite wines. 

He signed a special contract with the historic wine farmer who has been handed down from generation to generation and has established an international team called "League of Masters" with a number of wine craftsmen and chefs.
Among them are world famous winemakers who became a model of Ridley Scott's "A Good Year", starring Russell Crowe, the big hit movie released in 2006. 

大师汇 a good year Master Hugh Ryman

Hugh Ryman, the "flying wine maker" and the main inspiration for the movie, has an interesting story about life, love and wine to tell. If you have not seen the movie, please do. If you already have, please re-watch it.

The movie provides us with amazing scenery from France's Provence and will leave you high on "Joie de vivre". Featuring the "Wine of the wines" Château de la Jaubertie which has won numerous awards for its excellent wine produce it also gives you the perfect amount of France's wine history. 

Master Hugh Ryman
Hugh Ryman visiting League of Masters

And guess what? The world famous "Cuvée Mirabelle" is included as well. The "Cuvée Mirabelle Red" won the Gold Prize at the "The Grand International Wine Award MUNDUS VINI", chosen by 100 judges from over 10,000 wines. "Cuvée Mirabelle White" won the silver prize. 



Cuvée Mirabelle Red

"Cuvée Mirabelle" Red Wine (Limited Exclusive Production)

大师 汇 Castle of Jaubertie_red 大师 汇 Castle of Jaubertie_red

For more information, see the QR code link here.
Cuvee Mirabelle Red  [Online Shop]

Cuvee Mirabelle Red Online shop
Cuvee Mirabelle Red Online Shop Screen
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Cuvée Mirabelle White

"Cuvée Mirabelle" White Wine (Limited Edition)

大师 汇 Castle of Jaubertie_white 大师 汇 Castle of Jaubertie_white

For more information, see the QR code link here.

Cuvee Mirabelle White  [Online Shop]

Cuvee Mirabelle white online shop
Cuvée Mirabelle White Online Shop Screen
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Because each bottle is part of an exclusive limited selection, the serial number is stated in the lower right of the label. 


Interested in more? 

Old Chateau St. Andre 2013


”Vieux Chateau St. Andre 2013” Red wine (Limited quantity)
This wine is produced from Grapes harvested at Montagne village in the French Bordeaux region (Montagne Saint-Emilion)

大师 汇 Old Chateau St. Andre 大师 汇 Old Chateau St. Andre

This "Vieux Chateau St. Andre 2013" has a limited production of 30,000 bottles worldwide (the number of bottles in China is only 1200!). The wine selection enjoys the best AOC/AOP rating.

For more information, see the QR code link here.

Cuvee Mirabelle White [Online Shop]

Old Chateau St. Andre 2013 online shop
Vieux Chateau St. Andre Purchase screen
Old Chateau St. Andre 2013 QR
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Still not enough? Get ready for more ....

League of Masters 大师汇

League of Masters 大师汇
Wine Tasting Table


Check out the QR code below using WeChat.

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If you love wine, you will love "League of Masters".

For more introductions to and information on high quality wines, please feel free to have a look at their website!

League of Masters 大师汇
The Team of League of Masters looking all great!


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